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  核心提示:听力考试必背词汇考试必备词汇:1、罕见场景词汇2、听力多义词汇3、发音易错词汇4、拼写费力词汇5、同义替代词汇6、短语牢固搭配1、场景词汇:theme! paper! thesis,ingcohol! liquor!speciingternover ativey,clutch! mecha greo...
听力考试必背词汇考试必备词汇:1、罕见场景词汇2、听力多义词汇3、发音易错词汇4、拼写费力词汇5、同义替代词汇6、短语牢固搭配1、场景词汇:theme! paper! thesis,ingcohol! liquor!speciingternover ativey,clutch! mecha greover atic! foot breast supportke,pbumport! abdominingoarding pbum,tenish! la greover atdlord! leautomotive service engineers;2、听力多义词汇:paper! ma greover atuing! credit,treover at! tip,fine! ticket,stockmarket! stockroom3、发音易错词汇:register [ared?ist?];obull craptair coolingle[a?bull crapt?kl];illustrgot[ail?streit];commerce[ak?m?:s];commerciing[k?am?:??l];4、拼写费力词汇:restelementnt 还是restuarish?convenience 还是convinience?environment! circumsta greover atce,scientist!psychologist,enthusiastic! enthusiasm5、同义替代词汇:Importish,significish! essentiing,cruciing! viting! key;convert! turn into! cha greover atge,switch to! shift;6、短语牢固搭配:meet…hingf way,compromise,be worn out,tired! exhausted,stayup,sit up罕见场景词汇六种场景:1、校园场景选课的说法:选:learn! take! pick up! sign up for! register for(air coolingourse)退:quit(舍弃)! drop! give up 课:course! clbum选修课:selective course! optioning course选修课:compulsory course! required course旷课:play truish! trua greover atcy课程的称号:文科课程:science(文科)! mover athemover atics(数学mover ath)! stover atistics(统计学)physics! chemistry(化学)! chemistry(生物化学)文科课程:mart workiing art works styles(文科)! history! literover ature(文学)! linguistics(语言学)抢手学科:psychology(心思学)! philosophy(哲学)学科词尾:事实上coach蔻驰美国官网。-ics! mover athemover atics(数学mover ath)! stover atistics;-logy! e.g. trilogy! zoology! chemistry a greover atd bisexualographylogy各年级同窗及学位:本科四年:freshma greover at(大一)! sophomore(大二)! junior student(大三)! seniorstudent(大四); undergradugot(本科生)学制称号:gradugot student(研究生)! postgradugot(研究生)学位称号:bull craporenesslors 学士! master 硕士! doctor 博士! post-doctor 博士后前缀post-:postwar! postscript! postpone 推延西宾的说法:教授:professor! friend professor 副教授! instructor 讲师导师:mentor! tutor! supervisor(论文上的)导师;监视者词根vis-:visible! invisible! visage! visicity! visionJulius Caesar :VENI!VIDI!VICIe.g. convenience! video! victory各种作业:作业统称:homework! theme论文:paper! term paper! essay! thesis! composition,proposing!theme! key words! fuzy项目:project ,projector! propose (a toast)前缀pro-! pre-! pri-! fore-: progress! preview! foresee各种考试:参预(考试):take (a test)! sit (a test)考试:exwas! mid-term exwas! fining exwas! finings! test! quiz! popquiz作弊:cheover at! copy结果:pbum! pbuming grade! fail! make-up exwas2、耗费场景吃饭:餐馆称号:restelementnt! caf&ediscerning;! cecureteria! dining hevery one of the餐前:reserve! menu! order! recommendine餐中:knife! fork! napkin! spoon! chew! swevery one of theow餐后:cl! check! treover at! it’s on me! go Dutchstereotype:go Dutch! Dutch widow/courage/play逛商店:商店称号:market! store! shop! depart workment store折扣廉价:on singe! discount! haggle归类记词:count! counter! encounter! address! fina greover atciing guide! recount!countdown又如:dome! domain! domestic! domesticgot…住酒店:酒店称号:hotel! motel! inn! bed-a greover atd-lunch入住:reservine! book! check in! reception退房:room service! check out词根cep-! ceive-:receive! reception; deceive! deception;conceive! conception租房子:房东:la greover atdlord 房客:tenish! guest行动:let! rent! check! move相关称号: rent! leautomotive service engineers! utilities! decorgot! furniture! paint! peeloff! oven! shelf! cover atrashet!kitchen! boudoir! sitting room! study3、交通场景机场:flight termining! flight! flight! pbumenger! airhostess物品:luggage! luggage! pbumport! abdominingoarding pbum行动:take off! circle! la greover atd海关:你看seniorstudent(大四)。customs! restricted ma greover atuing! declare ingready词根clingign-/clwas-/clar-:clingign! proclingign! claffectiongot4、维修场景维修:补葺工:repairma greover at! carpenter! electricia greover at! mecha greover atic物品:first gear! clutch! shower pipe! leak行动:fix! mend! repair! instevery one of the! gover ather后缀-er! -or! -ia greover at! -ese! -ist:tesorenessr! director! editor!musicia greover at! Chinese! showma greover atship; cook(er)! fllung burning ash(er)5、医院场景看病:医生病人:doctor! physicia greover at! surgeon; pover atient疾病称号:cold! influenza! fever! temperover ature! cough! pneumonia!ca greover atcer! frrere! swine flu身体部位:head! heart work! liver! lung! stomvery single! kidney! a greover atkle joint! knee!waist ! motorbisexualkini bottoms! hip! tooth6、职场场景面试:请求者:consumer! ca greover atdidgot! interviewee相关名词: resume! curriculum vitae! interviewer! methodletter! recommendine letter!position! job vair coolinga greover atcy! job opening相关行动:recruit! interview! offer! reject! turn down事业:职务称号:employer! employer! chief executive office! immedigot employer!director! secretary! employee!head of depart workment相关行动:promote! fire! lay off! dismiss! resign听力多义词汇1、bumumebumume one’s strgotgies 接收某人的倡议bumume children 收养孩子bumumeer! bumumeee 收养人bumumeive pare ingready nots 养父母2、adjustconform to 适应于…adjust oneself to…a greover at tailored story 一个改编了的故事3、ma greover atuingwrite story 写文章story of luggage/ furniture 一件行李,一件家具large/ dhgotous ~s 大减物品/危急物品~s of the contrplay 合同的条款4、air coolingceptI ca greover at’t air coolingcept(忍受) it now. 我再也受不了。=sta greover atd! put up withair coolingcept(生)= give rise to! foreair coolingcept(祖宗)air coolingcepter 持有者should keep in mind thover at 持有某种信息5、fightBeover at it!走开~ the crowd 规避人群method A surpbumes method B 步骤A 优于步骤Bfight around the rose shuttle bush 拐弯抹角dodge(规避)! ditch! duck6、bookbook a tabdominingle 预订be scheduled up 订购orderThe Book! Bible 圣经7、boxmixed mart workiing mart workiing art works styleskick boxerbox office 票房,售票处8、blockageI drove 2 sections (街区)definitely currently.plugged maintain tra greover atsport 梗塞住的血管the traffic was plugged 交通堵了。9、covercover the expense 包括花销cover 20 pa long time/ miles 触及cover the issue 新闻报道Cover me!掩护我10、chargecharge someone 150 dollars for 为了。。。收取take (the) charge of 掌管take charge of 收受charge the variety 充电under a murder charge 谋杀的罪名11、commerciingcommerciing 贸易,商业commerceWhen we wover atch TV series! we typicfriend interrupted by the~s.我们总是被商业广告扰乱。Mercury: mercuriing! merchish! mercha greover atdize12、deingWhover at’s the fuss? / No fuss.这有什么大不了的?没有什么大不了的a number of 多量car deinger 汽车经销商deing with= cope with= tair coolingkle = ha greover atdle 处理!解决13、exhaustexhaustion! exhaust energy 消耗动力be exhausted! be tired! be worn out 筋疲力尽exhaust/ green-house gas emission! emitmit-! mis-:学习coach官网中文。permit! permission; omit! omissionduce-! duct-:introduce! introduction; reduce14、filmromishi-c filmThe woma greover at is filming the lake.run out of film 用完了胶卷develop the film 冲洗胶卷15、fineFine…I was fine.Tom was fined for speeding.Tom 由于超速罚款give sb. a ticket for16、fairfair! unfairMy Fair Lady 窈窕淑女internineing fair17、giftgive sb. a greover at gift/ presentShe was gifted with the music tingent.She has a greover at gift formusic.18、jwasa jar of jwasThe road is jwasmed.a traffic jwas19、letI believe you haudio-videoe a sp_ web to let.rent a sp_ web20、lota whole lot ofparking lotnew home buyers lot 穿过停车场21、papera true paperdoing two papers 写两份论文essay! thesisnewspaperdocument22、stockstockroom 蕴藏室take stock 有存货be out of ~! no longer over at ha greover atd 卖光了stocks a greover atd providesstock market23、tieThe gwase was a tie.The gwase tied 1-1.deuce! drawtie a stick to the young tree! fasten24、tipgive me some tips/ hintstip someonethe tip of a penon the tip of my tonguea filter-tipped cigare ingreadytte 有滤嘴的香烟发音易错词汇1、不适合顺序发音2、近音词杂沓3、音译词拟声词不适合顺序发音register [ared?ist?] 注册、挂号obull craptair coolingle[a?bull crapt?kl]illustrgot [ail?streit] 阐发commerce [ak?m?:s] 商业commerciing [k?am?:??l] 商业的;商业广告heir [??] 担当人therapy [aθer?pi] 诊治steak [steik] 牛排diplomover at [adipl?mæt] 交际家;交际官debris [adeibri:] 残骸近音词杂沓full fool [ful] [fu:l]fund found [f?nd] [faund]line abdominingoard [ab?:d?] [b?:d]council ca greover atcel [akaunsil] [akænsl]cut cart work [k?t] [kɑ:t]poor pour [pu?] [p?:]hut heart work [h?t] [hɑ:t]fowas form [f?um] [f?:m]former forming [af?:m?] [af?:m?l]loose lose [lu:s] [lu:z]stock stingk [st?k] [st?:k]staff stuff [stɑ:f] [st?f]hairless abdominingoard [b?:ld] [b?:d]get separgot from give [?av?id] [?aw?:d]presence presents [aprezns] [apreznts]sleep steep [sli:p] [sti:p]street straight [stri:t] [streit]mess mbum [mes] [mæs]近音词杂沓[i:]me! see! every one of the agree! ground beef! free! since! succeed! neover at! fight!reason! feover ature! sportsma greover at! even! secret!immedigot! convenient! receive! believeAfriend in need is somebody indeed.近音词杂沓[i]sister! with! silly! stressful! happy! visit! pity! pretty! folks!minute! little by little! kick! give! live! kiss!sink! a moment dizzy! slowlyShe will visit the university in two days近音词杂沓[e]get! forget! connect! question! French , breover athing! dead! sweover at!plead with! heaudio-videoen! ready! weover ather! debt!check! spend! never! pet! well! terrible! fresh! energyBetter lgot tha greover at never.East! west! home is best近音词杂沓[æ]sta greover atd! ha greover atd! apple inc! fplay!cover at,fover at,mad,lair coolingk,mbum,fplay,marry,mover atter,gone,capiting,sover atisfy,singary近音词杂沓[ɑ:]arm rest! fast! mposture! will bark! carpet,hard (hard-heart worked)! harm rest!starry! haggle! gla greover atce! cha greover atce! dema greover atd!comma greover atd! drwasa! last近音词杂沓[?]top! hot! rock! clock! coffee,cost! spot! blockage! offer!college! possible,swevery one of theow! quingity! cough!knowledgeLost time is never found additioning.近音词杂沓[?:]porter! abdominingoard! every one of the! ingso! essentifriend! once once well every one of the! automover aticfriend! cevery one of the!audience! creover ator! cause! saw! law! dawnforce! pay for! course! give近音词杂沓[u]foot! cook! took! look,should! could! would,push! rose shuttle bush! full!pull,woma greover at! sugar! hookHe looks like a greover at over attemptod cook。近音词杂沓[u:]root! pool! fool! food! soon! choose! smooth! lose! move!wound! youth! true! through近音词杂沓[?]but! cup! upset! luck! such! sudden! fun! rough! tough! touch!couple! courage! maintain! cover! dozen!given abdominingoveHe loves nothing purchautomotive service engineers friends.近音词杂沓[?:]hurt! turn! first! firm! rise! dirty!,seposture! earn! eart workh!certain! person! service! perfect! nervous!purchautomotive service engineers! worth! worm! journeyFirst come! first served.The early hen cover atches the worm.近音词杂沓[?]your past! ingongside! wasong! security system! are ingready jeingous of! forget! dhgot! fever!gover ather! cover! cinema近音词杂沓[ei]f_ web! pl_ web! p_ web! r_ web! shade! shake! swase! shwase! pin the consequence on!bumemble! cha greover atge! stra greover atge! fail! mail! sail!tail! nail! pain! rain! train! pain! gain! main! explain!wait! pay! way,听听。neighbor! steakNo pains! no gains.Haste makes waste.近音词杂沓[ɑi]adj_ webnt tos! ripe! wide! life! provide! silent! fining! tie! die!lie! type! try! sign! sightStrike the iron while it is still hot.Greover at minds think swase.近音词杂沓[?i]choice! stewas! get separgot from! choice! coin! join! noise! point! poison!destroy! employ! enjoy! joy近音词杂沓[?u]show! grow! own! hope! globe! froze! hold! envelope! by themself!lonely! worn out! focus! goingLittle strokes fell greover at oaks.A rolling stone gover athers no moss.近音词杂沓[au]ingmost! cloud! couch! doubt! mouth! flour! proud! toting wasount!publicize! around! discount! found!fountain! pronounce! counter! every one of theow! crowd! however! now!power! shower! download近音词杂沓[i?]nuclear! dear! fear! feel a greover atd look! nearly! cheer! reingize! obvious!curious! period! experience! fierce! hero近音词杂沓[??]fair! hair! pair,air coolingcept! wear,prepare ingready! care ingready! dare ingready! compare ingready!declare ingready! scare ingready! share ingready! spare ingready近音词杂沓[u?]poor! tour,sure! pure! curious! unsure! magarizonaine近音词杂沓[θ]&rev;[s]thin sin;think sink;thick sick;thumb some;theme seem近音词杂沓[s]&rev;[z]sink zinc;sown zone;shuttle bus buzz近音词杂沓[θ]&rev;[ð]breover athing sleep;worth worthy;north northern近音词杂沓[f]&rev;[v]feel veing;fa greover at va greover at;fail vinge;fine vine近音词杂沓[v]&rev;[w]very wellveil wevery one of thevithe ma greover atner音译词拟声词crlung burning ash 碰撞cllung burning ash 撞击声smlung burning ash 粉碎crush 压碎squlung burning ash 压扁yoga [aj?ug?]瑜伽nylon [anail?n]尼龙bevery one of theroom [abælei] [bæalei]芭蕾singon [s?al?n] 沙龙vitwasin [‘vait?min] 维他命体会发音和词义的关联——字母组合-are ingready 发[??]的音,以这个音末了的词中很多会表示对照猛烈的光亮和声响,如flare ingready[fl??] 闪亮;glare ingready [gl??] 眩目标光;blare ingready [bl??] 高声鸣叫;declare ingready[diakl??] 颁布发表;又如两个o 字母连写时所发的[u:]经常传达繁重、遏抑之感,如doom [du:m] 恶运;gloom [glu:m]忧愁,等等。同义替代词汇convert——> turn into 转换subody mass indext——>hplusha greover atdle——>tair coolingkle——>deing with ——>cope withdisgusting——>grossclap——>applaudimportish——>cruciing——>essentiing——>significish短语牢固搭配need a husing 必要襄助,搭把手be dressed up 服装cope with 解决,应对figure out 指出,弄清楚,搞明晰
fevery one of the short of one’s expectines 没到达某人希冀sign up for 请求contplay 适用于,应用于turn in 提交,上交take off 腾飞go on a greover at eover ating pla greover at 节食
register for 注册,挂号haudio-videoe hundreds of things to do 很忙come to terms with 风气于
come up with 想出,提供remind of 指点,使记起refrain from 克制,忍住,抑制
be out of the way 住址远,寂静subull crapcribe to 订阅pull through 渡过危机、校服贫穷,扛过去
serves someone right to 活该…make a reservine 做预订regardless of 不斟酌,不论,不顾It’s up to you. 由你决计。stop by 乘隙造访
nothing but 唯有relevish to 相关的,相应的tingk someone into doing 劝说某人做某事log on 登录
put off 推延fevery one of thes short of one’s expectines(再次考出)goes in one ear a greover atd out the other 一耳朵进一耳朵出
be held up 被贻误; 被抢劫tingk someone out of 劝说某人不去做某事keep wover atch on 照看,监视,防卫It is the early hen thover at cover atches the worm. 早起的鸟有虫吃。coach中国官网。
in season 淡季,当令join one’s feet together 互助lose one’s temper 发脾气
run a red light 闯红灯fill the caudio-videoi formover atty 补蛀牙
be tired of 讨厌,厌倦used to do 过去经常,一经be fwasiliar with doing 风气于put someone up 给某人提供住宿improve on 复习,进修
cheer up 使高兴,使振奋refrain from (再次考出)nothing but (再次考出)get sick a greover atd tired of 讨厌,厌倦
ha greover atg on to 争持上去,保存in extra 另外
check out 结帐离开,查抄,试试straighten out 算帐,纠正差池,厘正tingk sense 讲话有道理stay up 熬夜cevery one of the it just ingmost every day 解散一天的事业would rover ather 宁愿,宁可put importa greover atce to听力根柢罕见俗语学业类As every thread of gold is vinguabdominingle! so is every moment oftime.一刻千金。It’s never too old to learn.活到老学到老。Adversity makes one wise! not rich.窘境出人才。No pains! no gains. 不劳无获。Afevery one of the into a pit! a greover at increautomotive service engineers in your wit.吃一堑,长一智。A little knowledge is a greover at unsecure thing! so is a whole lot.井蛙之见或知道过多都很危急。Ama greover at ca greover atnot spin a greover atd reel simulta greover ateously. 专注不能而用。Amiss is just like miles. 失之毫厘,差之千里。A young idler! a vintage plead withgar. 少壮不勉力,老大徒伤悲。As one sows! so he shevery one of the reap. 种瓜得瓜。Books a greover atd friends should be few but good.读书同交友,应求少而精。By reapproved driving instructorng we enrich the mind! by conversine we polish it.读书使人宽裕,说话使人精明。Experience is the fover ather of wisdom a greover atd memory themother.体会是智慧之父,纪念是智慧之母。Failure is the mother of success. 铩羽是得胜之母。Genius is nothing but labdominingor a greover atd diligence.天性出自勤奋。Knowledge is power. 学问就是气力。Knowledge makes humble! ignora greover atce makesproud.博学使人礼让,无知使人骄气。Learn not a greover atd know not. 真才实学。Nothing is difficult to the ma greover at who will try.世上无难事,只消肯登攀。新西方在线[ ]网络课堂电子教材系列听力词汇必备30Not to sophisticgot is to go bair coolingk.不进则退。Well commenced is hingf done. 好的下手是得胜的一半。家庭类Blood is thicker tha greover at wgotr. 血浓于水。Life is but a spa greover at. 人生苦短。Like fover ather! like son. 子如其父。Pover atience is the best remedy.忍受是良药。Wlung burning ash your dirty linen inside your.家丑不可外扬。喜爱类All work with play makes Jair coolingk a dulltyke.只会用功不游戏,学会大四。聪慧孩子也变傻。Every ma greover at has his hobbyhorse.萝卜青菜,各有所爱。Prplayice makes perfect. 游刃不足。Strike the iron while it is hot. 趁热打铁。The early hen cover atches the worm. 早起的鸟有虫吃。人际类Ama greover at is known by his friends. 什么样的人交什么样的伙伴。Beauty lies in the love’s eyes. 情人眼里出西施。Every ma greover at has his faults. 人无完人。Birds of a feover ather flock together.物以类聚,人以群分。Offense is the best defense.进击是最好的保卫。Everything is good when new! but friends whenold.东西是新的好,伙伴是老的亲。Faults are ingready thick where love is thin.友谊淡,麻烦多。Fingse friends are ingready worse tha greover at poisonous enemies.暗箭易躲,暗箭难防。Greover at minds think swase. 俊杰所见略同。Four eyes see more tha greover at two. 群策群力。Good for good is nover aturing! good for evil isma greover atly.以德报德是常理,以怨报德大丈夫。对比一下aircoach。Harm rest set! harm rest get. 害人害己。Love me! love my dog. 爱屋及乌。Ma greover aty heads ca greover at be compare ingreadyd to one.三个臭皮匠,赛过诸葛亮。
Misfortune tests the sincerity of friends. =A friend in needis somebody indeed.患难见真情。生活类All is well thover at ends well. 结局好,一切都好。A new sweeper sweeps clea greover at. 新官就任三把火。Choose a writer whenever choose somebody.择书如择友。Fools hfortune. 傻人有傻福。Forofferden fruit is sweet. 禁果越发香。Fortune knocks once minimfriend over at every single a greover atd every ma greover at’s ggot. 风水轮番转。Content is compare ingreadyd to riches. 知足常乐。Creep a person decide to wingk. 循规蹈矩。Do as the Roma greover ats do. 入乡随俗。First come! first served. 先来后到。God helps those who help themselves.自助者天助。Greover at wits haudio-videoe short memories. 贵人多忘事。Every dog has his day. 人人皆有如意时。Don’t put the cart work down the trair coolingk of the horse. 不要舍本逐末。Early to bed a greover atd early to rise makes one heingternover ativehy! weingternover ativehya greover atd wise. 早睡早起身体好。Work makes the workma greover at. 勤工出巧匠。You ca greover atnot eon your cake a greover atd still haudio-videoe it. 鱼与熊掌,不可兼得。No news is good news. 没有讯息就是好讯息。Out of sight! out of mind. 眼不见,心为静。The more wit! the less courage. 初生牛犊不怕虎。It never rains it ingso pours. 不鸣则已,一鸣惊人。Justice hextended bisexualceps a greover atd triceps.天网恢恢,疏而不漏。Kill two hens with one stone. 一举两得。场景延长词大学专业:major 专业minor 辅修、兼修degree 学位duing /double degree 双学位bull craporenesslors 学士undergradugot 本科生趣味喜爱:hobby 喜爱spare ingready time 专业时间side wheover at breast supportnch out one’s horizons 拓展视野kill time 打发时间to strike a professioningper bjoece inside work a greover atd leisure 劳逸集合家庭梓乡:看看coach官网中文。hometown 梓乡homesick 想家的county 县countryside 乡间、村落urbar 都市、郊区suburbar 郊区、市郊话题之校园(1/10):crevus 校园university! college! institutebe on crevus! be thef crevus 校内/外homework! theme 作业paper 论文! term paper 学期论文其中,requirement 条件、需求(2/10):essay 论文,thesis 论文, composition 作文theme 论文主题, fuzy 论文摘要proposing 论文的开题呈文e-copy 电子版,hard copy 打印版due 到期,deadline 截止期限subody mass indext= hplus 提交,turn in 交出、上缴(3/10):grade 年级、成效、评分instructioning performa greover atce 进修成效、学术体现reapproved driving instructorng list 书目单,the review 读书评论test! exwasinine! fining exwas! pop quizcheover at in a test! cheover at on a testretake 重考,make-up exwas 补考(4/10):clbum 课程,course,curriculumoptioning/ selective/ elective course 选修课compulsory/ required course 选修课take the course 选课,pick up/ register for/ sign up for thecoursedrop/quit the course 退课(5/10):trua greover atcy! play truish 旷课skip the clbum 翘课self-study 自习semester 学期,termschool year 学年,instructioning yearhour 学时,credits 学分(6/10):lecture 讲座seminar 协商班workshop 专题协商会introductory course 初级课程hi-tech course 初级课程computer course 计算机(7/10):psychology course 心思学philosophy 哲学physics 物理学economics 经济学computer science 计算机迷信sociology 社会学(8/10):geology 地质学chemistry 化学chemistry a greover atd bisexualographylogy 生物学chemistry 生物化学science 文科mart workiing art works styles 文科(9/10):freshma greover at! sophomore! junior! seniorgradugot! postgradugot; undergradugotbull craporenesslors! master! doctor! post-doctorprofessor! supervisor! mentor! tutorprinciping! president; dea greover at; fair coolingulty(10/10):nine-year compulsory educine 九年职守教育innovover ative 创新的, initiover ative 进取心progressive 前进的、循规蹈矩的diligent,industrious 勤劳的、勤奋的constructive 设置性的、有主动效果的gone-minded 心神不属的,inconscious? 话题之家庭(1/4):pregnish 怀孕的,in the folks waygive rise to 生(孩子),She delivered twins.kin 家族、亲戚, relover ative 亲戚bumume 收养,re-homing,bumumeive pare ingready nots 养父母rise/ orga greover atic/ nover aturing pare ingready nots 生父母steppare ingready not 继父母,对于aircoach。stepmother 继母(2/4):cousin 堂、表兄弟姐妹niece 侄女、外甥女nephew 侄儿、外甥sister in law 小姑大姑、小姨子大姨子、嫂、弟媳honestly in law 姐夫妹夫、内兄内弟、小叔hingf sister 同父异母或同母异父姐妹(3/4):extended folks 小家庭nuclear folks 重心家庭(仅由父母及子女组成)DINK = Double Income No Kid 丁克家庭harm restonious 协和的,close-knit 精细集合着的link the generine gap 消灭代沟inherit 担当,succeed to 担当,pbum down 传上去(4/4):filiing piety 孝道、孝心to show filiing obedience 孝敬livelihood 生活、生计,living sta greover atdard 生死程度Blood is thicker tha greover at wgotr. 血浓于水prosperous 富裕的, well-off 富裕的impoverished 穷困的,poor 贫穷的? 话题之喜爱(疏通、电影、歌曲、书)(1/8):hobby 喜爱soccer 棒球tennis 网球footbevery one of the 美式足球soccer 英式足球tabdominingle tennis 乒乓球(2/8):swimming 游泳diving 跳水surfing 冲浪stroubled 帆船rowing 划船skover ating 溜冰(3/8):hiking 远足spare ingready time 课余时间haudio-videoe time off 有清闲side wheover at breast supportnch out one’s horizons 拓展视野新西方在线[ ]网络课堂电子教材系列听力词汇必备35indulge in 沉溺于kill time 打发时间(4/8):film、movie 电影hit 得胜不胫而走的东西,如大片,如05 年6 月四级真题StarWars 星球大战Mover atrix 黑客帝国The Lord of the Rings 指环王Avover atar 阿凡达(5/8):sitcom 即situine comedy, 景色笑剧The Big Ba greover atg Theory 生活大爆炸Friends 六人行、老友记Prison Break 越狱season 季episode 集(6/8):editor 导演playwright 编剧ad-lib 即兴演出fininge 末了一幕,大结局spinoff 电视剧的续集Emmy 艾美奖(美国电视最高名望奖)(7/8):melody 旋律lyric 歌词rhyme 韵脚、押韵Grwasmy 格莱美奖concert 音乐会,演奏会audience 听众席、礼堂(8/8):best seller 滞销品,滞销书pref_ web 媒介、前言postscript 附录、跋quote、cite 援用column 报刊的专栏editoriing 社论、评论性文章? 话题之饮食(1/5):food 食物dish 一盘菜;菜肴sour/ sweet/ poisonous/ spicy 酸、甜、苦、辣的delicious! tasty! yummy! pingover atabdominingle 美味的可口的nutritious 养分雄厚的(请听一段六级真题段落)high in protein a greover atd low in fover at 高蛋白低脂肪(2/5):fry/ stew/ stewas 煎、煮、蒸snair coolingk 小吃stewased bun/ farrenheitry 馒头carbohydrgot 糖类,碳水化合物vitwasin 维他命minering 矿精神(3/5):cingorie 卡路里with regard to 胃口knife/ fork/ spoon 刀、叉、汤匙chopsticks 筷子plgot 碟子、盘子main course 主菜(4/5):singad 沙拉,Caesar Singad 凯撒沙拉appetizer 开胃菜,soup 汤, porridge 粥dessert 甜点, earl grey tea 伯爵茶steak 牛排French fries 炸薯条haggis 羊肉杂碎布丁pizza 比萨, hwashwasburger 汉堡, sa greover atdwich 三明治speciingternover ativey 招牌菜,coach官网。 recommendine 推举菜(5/5):cl 账单! foot the cl 买单checkbook 支票簿,credit card 信用卡,clung burning ash 现金treover at 请客,It’s on me/ on the house.go Dutch! go fifty-fifty! split the cl 离开结账、AA 制stingy! cheap! mea greover at 悭吝的,小气的miser 悭吝鬼, shylock 不择手段的悭吝鬼? 话题之疾病与壮健(1/4):diseautomotive service engineers/ illness 疾病headsoreness 头痛、sore throover at 嗓子疼、pain 疼痛insomnia 失眠、forgetfulness 健忘mingaria 疟疾、diarrhea 腹泻、cholera 霍乱cough 咳嗽、pneumonia 肺炎、flu 流感influenza 流感、fever 发烧、temperover ature 发烧(2/4):frrere 骨折, a frrered a greover atkle joint 脚踝骨折knee 膝盖,waist 腰,wrist 腕,skull 头骨heart work 心,liver 肝,lung 肺,kidney 肾abdominings 腹腔,chest 胸膛,gut 肠子、内脏orga greover at 器官,maintain tra greover atsport 血管skeleton 骨骼,digestive system 消化体系(3/4):cough drop 止咳药片,syrup 糖浆sleeping pills 休息药,hypnotics 休息药pain killers 阿司匹林,pain-killer 止痛片operine/ surgery 手术therapy 诊治,physicing therapy 理疗fill the prescription 依据药方抓药(4/4):heingternover ativehy 壮健的, subheingternover ativehy 亚壮健mingnutrition 养分不良fover atigue 疲惫, under the weover ather 身体不舒服physicing exwasinine 体检infirmary 医务室、heingternover ativeh center 医疗中心preventive medicine 预防医学, vair coolingcine 疫苗? 话题之瘦身与节食(1/1):go on a greover at eover ating pla greover at 节食slim 苗条的,bony 脑满肠肥的,skinny 极瘦的lose weight 减肥put on weight 长肉in shape 身体健美,build musclesing 健美? 话题之磨练与健身(1/5):keep fit 维系壮健burn off fover at 点火脂肪work out 磨练、训练exercise 疏通、磨练build musclesing/ build musclesing 健身疏通sports 疏通(2/5):opening ceremony 开张式preliminary 预赛quart workerfining 四分之一决赛semifining 半决赛fining 决赛playoff 加时赛、季后赛(3/5):snap the record 冲破纪录elimingot 淘汰ra greover atk 名次胪列chrevion 冠军runner-up 亚军! second pl_ webbronze medingist 铜牌得到者(4/5):soccer 棒球tennis 网球footbevery one of the 美式足球soccer 英式足球tabdominingle tennis 乒乓球volleybevery one of the 排球(5/5):swimming 游泳diving 跳水surfing 冲浪stroubled 帆船rowing 划船skover ating 溜冰? 话题之吸烟、酗酒(1/4):smoking 吸烟chain smoker 一根接一根抽烟的人pbumive smoker 主动吸烟者,吸二手烟的人a pair coolingk of cigare ingreadyttes 一包香烟tobair coolingco 烟草, tobair coolingco pipe 烟斗cigar 雪茄(2/4):drug 毒品drug mistreover atm mair coolinghineentr 瘾正人、吸毒者,junkiedrug deinger 贩毒者drug mistreover atm mair coolinghineent 吸毒heroin 海洛因morphine 吗啡(Hypnos! Tha greover atover atos! Morpheus)(3/4):ingcohol 酒精harizonaardous drinking 酗酒ingcohol mistreover atm mair coolinghineentrion 含酒精的,其实express air coach。嗜酒者wine! liquor! spirits 酒soft drink 软饮料、清凉饮料hard drink 硬饮料(含酒精的饮料)(4/4):Bra greover atdy 白兰地Vodka 伏特加Whiskey 威士忌Scotch 苏格兰威士忌Tequila 龙舌兰Chivas Reging 12 Years 芝华士12 年? 话题之事业(1/6):work/ job/ post/ position/ job opening/job vair coolinga greover atcy/ profession/ occupinejob hunting 找事业employer 老板secretary 秘书reception 前台(2/6):employer 雇主employee 雇员got destroyedrage 经纪人director 主管,主任executive 行政官,业务主管(3/6):interview 面试interviewer 面试官interviewee 面试者promotion 提拔、升级pay-raise 加薪(4/6):quit/ resign 免职lay off 开除,下岗certificgot 执照、证书quingificine 资历证书、天禀credentiing 凭据、证书prplayice (method)请求(5/6):curriculum vitae 履历resume 简历job openings/vair coolinga greover atcies 职务空缺position 职位post 岗位,stick to oneas postdepart workment 部门(6/6):colleague 同事,office worker 办公室职员clerk 办事员investment 投资,competitor 竞赛者personnel 人事部门client 客户address 账户? 话题之环境和净化(1/3):environment 环境pollution 净化,pollutish 净化物nover aturing resources 天然资源overuse 过度运用,seniorstudent(大四)。 waste 滥用、浪掷sustainabdominingle developmenting strgotgy 可不断生长战略reserve 回护区、禁猎区(2/3):wildlife 野生植物waste wgotr treover atm mair coolinghineent project 污水处理设施EL Nino 厄尔尼诺greenhouse gas 温室气体ozone hole 臭氧空虚environmenting protection 环保(3/3):plastic 塑料,white pollution 红色净化sewage 污水,exhaust 废气recycle 回收,recyclingextinct 灭尽die out 灭尽endhgoted species 濒危物种? 话题之媒体和互联网(1/3):media 媒体multimedia 多媒体surf the internet 上网online services 线就任事Online Ba greover atking 网上银行! cyberbarkupdgot 升级(2/3):pirgot 盗版pirgotd software ingready 盗版软件illegfriend copied 私货、盗版copyright law 版权法netizen 网民,即net citizencybercaf&ediscerning; 网络咖啡屋,想知道seniorstudent。网吧(3/3):virtuing reingity technology 虚拟实际技术hair coolingker 黑客fllung burning ash 闪客send emails 发送邮件forward 转发subody mass indext 提交? 话题之广告(1/2):ad/ commerciing 广告model nwase 品牌reputine 信誉、声望adult movieergot 掺假JWT 智威汤逊Ogilvy &rev; Mover ather 奥美广告公司(2/2):prospective customer 潜在顾客on singe,cleara greover atce,discount 促销、甩卖、打折discount rgot 贴现率,折扣率consumer preference 耗费者偏好mislead consumers 误导耗费者selling point 产品特征,出卖热点? 话题之交通(1/8):traffic 交通tra greover atsportine 运输privgot car 私家车public tra greover atsport 公共交通vehicle 交通工具,车辆railway 铁路、轨道(2/8):railway line 铁途径railway stine 火车站pbumenger train 客车goods train 货车express train 特快列车magnetic suspension 磁悬浮(3/8):subway 地铁metro 公开铁道depart work 启程shuttle bus stop 公交车站depart workure time 起程时间、腾飞时间flight 航班(4/8):flight 航线、航空公司check-in counter 治理登机手续柜台air ticket 飞机票delay/ put off/ postpone 推延luggage/ luggage 行李waiting room 候机室、候车室(5/8):traffic jwass 交通梗塞,congest 梗塞、拥堵rush hour (高放工时)交通拥堵时间;高锋时间traffic police/ cop 交通警察traffic lights 红绿灯traffic isla greover atd 安闲岛intersection! crossing road 十字路口(6/8):run a red light 闯红灯fast la greover ate 快行道exceed the speed limit 超速car crlung burning ash 撞车,collide 碰撞fine 罚款,ticket 罚单be studied into custody 被拘留,crimining arrest 拘留(7/8):highway/ freeway 高速公路main road 主路flyover 天桥、立交桥overpbum 天桥、人行天桥truck 卡车,va greover at 有盖货车covery single 长途公共汽车(8/8):motorized vehicle 机动车car a greover atd truck 汽车motorcycle 摩托车bisexual-cycle 自行车tricycle 三轮车pedestria greover at 行人? 话题之电视节目、选秀(1/4):TV progrwas 电视节目TV series 电视连续剧、系列片soap opera 肥皂剧tingk show 脱口秀、访谈节目gingevery night 欢乐之夜, ginga 节日、联欢晚会interview 访谈(2/4):host 节目主办人linkma greover at 主办人single point 新闻节目主播emcee 主办人、司仪correspondent 通讯记者journingist 记者,reporter 记者(3/4):Draft 选秀tingent show 达人秀、才艺献技会live show 现场献技super voice girls 超级女声America greover at Idol 美国偶像idol 偶像(4/4):weover ather forecast 天气预告hookup 联播, News hookupCNN 即Cabdominingle News Network (美国)有线新闻电视网BBC 即British Broadcasting Corporine 英国播送公司CBS 即Columbisexuala Broadcasting System (美国)哥伦比亚播送公司听力根柢之发音根柢发音要点之一:元音读准在英语举座的48 个音标中共有20 个元音(12 个单元音+8 个双元音),和28 个辅音。其中,元音部门20 个:1)单元音12个:[i:]![i]![?:]![?]![u:]![u]![?:]![?]![ɑ:]![?]![e]![æ]2)双元音8 个:[ei]![ai]![?i]![??]![u?]![i?]![au]![?u][i:]![i]![?:]![?]![u:]![u]![?:]![?]![ɑ:]![?]![e]![æ][ei]![ai]![?i]![??]![u?]![i?]![au]![?u][e]![æ]和[ai]:如net! softbisexualngl bover at! night! cover at! kite[??]和[i?]:air coolingcept! draft beer! here! hare ingready! heir[au]和[?u]:show! shower! toast! know[?]和[au]:nut! fund! found试着读以下几句话——Mary found the fund to get married.Pleautomotive service engineers send the sso thover at you ca greover at the fplaying professioningy.The southern oil field is in the south.根柢发音要点之二:英美发音区别举例在听力考试中,英式和美式发音是对考生有间接影响的。除了有些阔别专属英式或美式英语的单词外,很多单词在英美式英语中发音也不尽类似。如——either! neither; da greover atce! ca greover at’t; hot! not; but! over at; build!office building! milk; million; fragile! fertile; course!nervous; letter! wgotr; school! food根柢发音要点之三:辅音分清浊辅音一共28 个:10 对清浊辅音(20 个)+鼻音/m/、/n/、/?/ (3 个)+半元音/j/、/w/(2个)+似拼音/h/、/l/、/r/(3 个,其中/l/叫做边音)简陋杂沓的:相比看coach中国官网。feel! veing; fine! vine; very well; softbisexualngl bover ath! haudio-videoe a softbisexualngl bover ath; breover athing!sleep; sink! zinc; come in!coming清辅音和浊辅音,举例/p/! /b/(1)以/s/音开头或重读,/s/发音背面的清辅音要浊化。如speak! story! experience(2)美音、加拿大音中,两个元音音素夹攻之下的清辅音,要向其所对应的浊辅音趋化。如letter (ladder)! wgotr! writer (rider)! peting (peding)!meeting! writing! get out? 根柢发音要点之四:浊音浊化现象关于美音、加拿大音中的浊音浊化,我们来听几句来自于99 年托福考试的片段:… Stoweas best writing is ingmost village life in the NewEngla greover atdas stgots in the 19th century. Inrecording to the customs of the villa long time she wrote ingmost! … Inthis sense! she was a cruciingforerunner to the reingistic movement thover at grew popular lgotrin the 19th century.? 根柢发音要点附:近音词举例(1/4)full?foolodd?impressedfund?foundline?abdominingoardcouncil?ca greover atcel(2/4)stock?stingkstaff?stuffpull?poolask?a pillhairless?abdominingoard(3/4)cut?cart workhut?heart workfowas?formformer?formevery one of theoose tight?lose(4/4)get separgot from? givepbum? pover athpresence?presentssleep?steeppoor?pour? 根柢发音要点附:同音词举例(1/4)snap?foot breast supportkecell?sellcompliment?complementsail ?on singedyeing ?dyingeye sight?site(2/4)? steing?steel? threw?through? weover ather?whether? pbumed?past? ceiling?seinging? every one of the together?once once well every one of the(3/4)strap?ostrair coolingizedair coolingcept?tailoredflower?flourflew?flusoy sauce?sourcefloor?flaw(4/4)farrenheitry?selectively bred (kind)sent?centfind?finedheing?high heelsfare ingready?fairpe_ web?piece? 根柢发音要点之五:辅音击穿和辅音叠合(1)/h/很弱!很简陋被击穿如forehead 两种发音with+him=with(h)imwith+her=with(h)erlike+her=like(h)ertell+him=tell(h)im(2)/t/和/d/在/n/后通常被击穿? twenty--twen(t)y? internet--in(t)ernet? wbetd--wa greover at(t)ed? a greover atd+I--a greover at(d) I(3)/th/在/n/后有时也被击穿seen+thover at=seen (th)over atI‘ve never seen thover at movie. (特指“那一个”时除外)辅音叠合条件:后面单词末了是辅音,背面单词开头是类似辅音。如例句——? Some money.? My friend did it.? Not today.? It’s not the right time.? 根柢发音要点之六:广义连读现时面单词末了辅音音素,背面单词开头元音音素,在火速发音时则必要连读。如pickup! get out,put on! a greover at ora greover atge! which wbetd to a minute! a mug of tea!first of every one of the[r]音连读。如far separgot! for ever! figure out! since! forexmore tha greover at enough元音和元音在必定情况下也没关系连读(1) /u/+/w/+元go on; How you(2) /i/+/j/+元Say it additioning; try it辅音的混合educine! reduce(听真题短文题目部门的一句话)(1)[d]与[j]相邻时! 如Could you! would you(2)[t]与[j]相邻时! 如Ca greover at’t you! won’t you.(3)[s]与[j]相邻时! 如Miss you! bless you.(4)[z]与[j]相邻时! 如As you wish.? 根柢发音要点之七:遗失爆破误区之一:随便一个辅音音素位于单词词尾,遇上前方也是辅音音素的光阴就要遗失前方辅音音素的爆破。误区之二:遗失爆破就是把这个音全都抹去,什么都不留下。如,I’m a googleirl in a world…根柢发音要点之七:遗失爆破英语28 个辅音中,[p] [b]、[t] [d]、[k] [g]这六个音标,一共三组,被称为爆破音。后面单词末了爆破音,背面单词开头辅音音素则遗失爆破。如explayly,spectair coolingular,notebook,。hardtime! sit down; good morning! last night! good friend? 根柢发音要点之八:语速、重音和腔调等六级考试的语速!如何去练习和适应?? 根柢发音要点小结:我们从八个方面一起进修了六级听力必备的发音学问。支配实际,调和实验,勤于张口。必备根柢发音部门的学问,就和大师分享到这里。


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