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express air coach!2016年普通高等学校招生全国统一考试(天津卷)

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  核心提示:   B. get some nice sleep C. gain complete relief A. ignore mental problems 54. According to theauthor, the unc对比一下coach香港官网onscious mindm...

   B. get some nice sleep

C. gain complete relief

A. ignore mental problems

54. According to theauthor, the unc对比一下coach香港官网onscious mindmay help us .

D. After finding a way out.

C. If the job is rather boring.

B. When all the solutions fail.

A. Before starting a difficult task.

53. On what occasion does a person probably sufferfrom performance fatigue?

D. Dealing with the hardest task first.

C. Leaving out the toughest ideas.

B. Building up physical strength.

A. Writing essays in strict order.

52. What does the author recommend doing toprevent start-up fatigue?

D. accept failure

C. seek help

B. work hard

A. delay tasks

51. People with start-up fatigue are most likelyto .

Human beings, I believe must try to succeed.Success, then, means never feeling tired.

An hour later, I woke upsuddenly with the solution clearly in mind. In the weeks thatfollowed, the solution which had come up in my unconscious mindprovided correct at every step. Though I worked as hard as before,I felt no fatigue. Success was now as exciting as failure had beendepressing.

One day, mentally exhausted, I wrote down all thereasons why this problem could not be solved. I tried to convincemyself that the trouble was with the problem itself, not with me.Relived, I sat back in an easy chair and fell asleep.

When planningEncyclopaediaBritannica (你知道统一《大英百科全书》), I had tocreate a table of contents based on the topics of its articles.Nothing like this had ever been done before, and day after dat Ikept coming up with solutions, but none of them worked. My fatiguebecame almost unbearable.

Performance fatigue is more difficult to handle.Though willing to get started, we cannot seem to do the job right.Its difficulties appear so great that, however hard we work, wefail again and again. In such a situation, I work as hard as Ican-then let the unconscious take over.

Years ago, I was asked to write 102 essays on thegreat ideas of some famous authors. Applying my own rule, Idetermined to write them in alphabetical(coach香港官网按字母顺序), never lettingmyself leave out a tough idea. And I always started the day’s workwith the difficult task of essay-writing. Experience proved thatthe rule works.

Such start-up fatigue is veryreal, even if not actually physical, not something in our musclesand bones. The solution is obvious though perhaps not easy toapply: always handle the most difficult job first.

We experience this tiredness in two ways: asstart-up fatigue(学会coach香港官网疲惫) and performancefatigue. In the former case, we keep putting off a task because ithas either too boring or too difficult. And the longer we delay it,the more tired we feel.

Failure is probably the mostexhausting experience a person ever has. There is nothing moretiring than not succeeding.

D. Independence is the key to one听说air’ssuccess.

C. Love brings more joy to people than workdoes.

B. Emotional health is essential to a wonderfuladult life.

A. Competent adults know more about love thanwork.

50. What can be inferred from the lastparagraph?

D. sudden and rapid

C. Clear and definite

B. Having a thin edge

A. Quick to react

49. What does the underlined word 看看express air coach“sharp” probablymean in Paragraph 4?

D. measuring the men’s problem solvingability

C. comparing different sets of scores

B. evaluating the men’s mental health

A. recording the boys’ effort in school

48. Vaillant’s team obtained their findings by_____.

D. an explanation why some boys grew into happymen

C. an example for parents’ expectations of theirchildren

B. an analysis of how work was related tocompetence

A. a description of personal values and socialvalues

47. Vaillant’s words in Paragraph 2 serve as_____.

D. He was envied by others in hischildhood.

C. He received little love from hisfamily.

B. He had few childhood playmates.

A. He enjoyed his career and marriage.

46. What do we know about John?

The link between what the menhad done as boys and how they turned out as adults was surprisinglysharp . Those who had done the most boyhood activities weretwice as likely to have warm relations with a wide variety ofpeople, five times as likely to be well paid and 16 times lesslikely to have been unemployed. The researchers also found that IQand family social and economic class made no real difference in howthe boys turned out.Working----atany age----is important. Childhood activities help a child developresponsibility, independence, confidence and competence---theunderpinnings (我不知道express基础) of emotionalhealth. They also help him understand that people must cooperateand work toward common goals. The most competent adults are thosewho know how to do this. Yet work isn’t everything. As Tolstoy oncesaid, “One can live magnificently in this world if one knows how towork and how to love, to work for the person one loves and to loveone’s work.”

Vaillant’s study followed thesemales in great detail. Interviews were repeated at ages 25, 31 and47. Under Vaillant, the researchers compared the men’smental-health scores with their boyhood-activity scores with theirboyhood-activity scores. Points were awarded for part-time jobs,housework, effort in school, and ability to deal withproblems.

These are the findings of a40-year study that followed the lives of 456 teenage boys fromBoston. The study showed that those who had worked as boys enjoyedhappier and more productive lives than those who had not. 你看coach中国官网“Boys whoworked in the home or community gained competence(能力) andcame to feel they were worthwhile members of society,” said GeorgeVaillant, the psychologist (心理学家) who made thediscovery. “And because they felt good about themselves, othersfelt good about them.”

When John was growing up, otherkids felt sorry for him. His parents always had him weeding thegarden, carrying out the garbage and delivering newspapers. Butwhen John reached adulthood, he was better off than his childhoodplaymates. He had more job satisfaction, a better marriage and washealthier. Most of all, he was happier. Far happier.

D. Motorheads have greater ability than officeworkers.

C. Architects play a more important role thanbuilders.

B. It is important for one to make the honorroll.

A. It is unwise to expect your child to followyour path.

45. What did the author realize in theend?

D. relaxed but rude

C. lazy but bright

B. cheerful and smart

A. tidy and hardworking

44. In the author招生’seyes, motorheads are_______.

D. other motorheads would come to help.

C. it wouldn’t cause him any more loss

B. it would save him much time.

A. His son had the ability to fix it.

43. The author let his son repair the car becausehe believed that_______.

D. His son couldn’t write his bookreports.

C. His son tried hard to finishhomework.

B. His daughter has got a master对于coach蔻驰美国官网’sdegree.

A. His daughter does better in school.

42. What can we learn about the author’schildren?

D. To reach the author’s unachievedgoals.

C. To develop in a different direction.

B. To resemble him in appearance.

A. To avoid becoming his clone.

41. What used to be the author’s hope for hisson?

My son may never make theschool honor roll. But he made mine.

I have learned a lot from mymotorhead: publishers need printers, engineers need mechanics, andarchitects need builders. Most important, I have learned thatfathers don’t need clones in footsteps or anywhere else.

These kids are happiest whendoing repairs. They joke and laugh and are living in their ownrelaxed world. And their minds are bright despite their dirty handsand clothes.

Since that first repair job, abroken air-conditioner, a non-functioning washer and a non-toastingtoaster have been fixed. Neighbors and co-workers trust their carrepairs to him.

My son ,withother motorheads, fixed the car. They got parts(coach零件)from a junkyard, and ability from vo-tech classes.The cost was $25 instead of $800.

But being the parent of amotorhead is itself an experience in education. We who labor inclean shirts in offices don’t have the abilities that motorheadshave. I began to learn this when I had my car crashed. The cost torepair it was estimated at $800. “Hey, I can fix it,” said Jody. Idoubted it , but let him go ahead, for I had nothing tolose.

I learned later that motorheads are, indeed,different. They usually have dirty hands and wear dirty workclothes. And they doncoach官网’t often make school honorrolls(光荣榜).

When a secretary in my officefirst called him “motorhead”, I was shocked. “Hey, he’s a goodkid,你知道coach中国官网” I wanted to say. “And smart, really.”

I’ve been a newspaperman all myadult life. My daughter is a university graduate working toward hermaster’s degree in English. But Jody? When he entered the tenthgrade he became a 2016年普通高等学校招生全国统一考试(天津卷)“vo-tech” student(技校学生). They’re called“motorheads” by the rest of the student body.

My son Jody has hated schoolsince day one in kindergarten. Science projects waited until thelast moment. Book reports weren’t written until the finalthreat.

Every man wants his son to besomewhat of a clone, not in features but in footsteps. As he growsyou also age, and your ambitions become more unachievable. Youbegin to realize that your boy, in your footsteps, could probablyaccomplish what you hoped for. But footsteps can be muddied andthey can go off in different directions.

D. Special diet.

C. Packed lunch.

B. Mealtime dessert.

A. Cooked dinner.

40. Which of the following may require an extrapayment?

D. collectstudentscoach’ luggage in advance

C. offerstudents free sightseeing trips

B. look afterstudents throughout the programme

A. informstudents of their full flight details

39. With the full package, the programme organizeris supposed to_____.

D. reporttheir language levels

C. preparelearning materials

B. have anonline interview

A. take alanguage test

38. Before startingtheir programme, students areexpected to _____.

D. 9:00-12:30Saturday.

C.13:00-14:30 Friday.

B. 9:00-12:30Tuesday

A.13:00-14:30 Monday.

37. When can a student attend StandardCourse?

D. It giveyou confidence

C. Itincludes extra lessons.

B. It focuseson speaking.

A. It is lesseffective.

36. How does Intensive Course differ from StandardCourse?

We ask that you let us know of any allergies ordietary requirements as well as information about any medicines youtake. Depending on the type of allergies and/ or dietaryrequirements, an extra charge may be made for providing specialfood.

Students are provided with breakfast, dinner andeither a cooked or packed lunch(which consists of a sandwich, adrink and a dessert). Snacks outside of mealtimes may be purchasedby the student individually.

Meals/Allergies(coach官网过敏)/Special DietaryRequirements

Our programme offers the full package—students aretake good care of from the start through to the very end. They arecollected from the airport upon arrival and brought to theiraccommodation in comfort. We require the student’s full details atleast 4 weeks in advance.

Arrivals and Transfer

Learning materials are providedto students throughout their course, and there will never be morethan 15 participants in each class.

Students are placed intoclasses according to their current language skills. The majority ofthem take on online language test before starting their programme.However, if this is not available, students sit the exam on thefirst Monday of their course.







Intensive Course




Standard Course


Number of Lesson


Course Type

Our Intensive Course builds on our StandardCourse, with 10 additional lessons per week, guaranteeing thefastest possible language learning (see table below).

Our Standard Course guarantees a significantincrease in your confidence in a foreign language, with focusedteaching in all 4 skill areas----speaking, listening, reading andwriting.

Regardless of your choice of course, you看着coach蔻驰美国官网’lldevelop your language ability both quickly andeffectively.

Our Courses

Welcome to Teenagers Abroad! We invite you to joinus on an amazing journey of language learning.

A Language Programme for Teenagers

coach官网阅读下列短文,再到T1,公交车先到T2, 第二部分:阅读理解(共20小题;每小题2.5分,非欧盟成员的护照在checkin的时候需要盖章

35. A.throughB.underC.acrossD.around

34. A.discoveryB.choiceC.influenceD.moment

33. A.AlthoughB.SinceC.OnceD.Because

32. A.humorB.willC.honestyD.wisdom

31. A.admittingB.explainingC.announcingD.whispering

30. A. pete withC.respond toD.run after

29. A.beginnerB.learnerC.partnerD.winner

28. A. frustrationB.delightC.excitementD.surprise

27. A.trustedB.determinedC.experiencedD.embarrassed

26. A.richB.weakC.firmD.kind

25. A.attendB.missC.banD.start

24. A. takeoffB. setoffC.giveupD.show up

23. A.afraidB.nervousC.readyD. free

22. A.pullB.tellC.hideD.fire

21. A.useB.surviveC.saveD.waste

20. A.howeverB.thereforeC.otherwiseD.instead

19. A.increasedB.foundC.createdD.made

18. A.improveB.trainC.joinD.contact

17. A. usuallyB.finallyC.firstlyD.frequently

16. A.failureB.pressureC.lossD. illness

It was thegreatest34 of mydaughterexpress’s life. With all she hade been35inher tenyears, this was the hour of truetriumph( 成功).


泰晤士河游船(Thames RiverCruise)



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