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When normal people arestill in the bed

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  核心提示:可以让他们有更多的时间学习。 This being said, I firmly conclude that the foods we eat todayare not as healthy compared to those in the past. Despite theadvances ...


This being said, I firmly conclude that the foods we eat todayare not as healthy compared to those in the past. Despite theadvances of modern technology, certain by-products are inevitable.Thus, it is up to us to effectively filter what goes into ourmouths lest we suffer from unhealthy foods' effects.

3. 家长限制儿童看电视,进行更多的体育锻炼,你知道normal。他不能做其他的事;

The way I see it, helping people to educate themselves isdefinitely the most important goal of education. Only with thissignificant goal will we grasp the truth in learning and benefitfrom it throughout our lives.

However, we can get access to a great amount of information,which do good to decision making nowadays. Surfing on the internet,clicking on the mouse, news will display on your computer screenwithin seconds. What's more, after educating, we have learntknowledge in a system way, which enable us to understand ourselvesand the world better. All of these create a good atmosphere for usyoung people to make decision on ourselves. According to a surveyconducted by Peking University aiming to find out how studentschoose their majors, 80 percent of students depend on their ownwhile less than 20% decided by their parents or teachers instead.Most students are independent nowadays. They would listen to theirparents, but it is their own who determine the final choice.

Finally, taking action now seizes the opportunity, a commonsense that is fit to all walks of life. For example, Warren Buffetis so decisive in the constant changing stock market, and that iswhy he can earn more money, so Mark Elliot Zuckerberg can embodyhis creative idea to make people amazed for the thriving ofFacebook. Exactly speaking, taking action is the premise of beingsuccessful.

Second, taking action now promises enough time for revision.To state it more clearly, this strategy can make the worker finishthe task in a relatively shorter time, so if the task has somethingwrong, the employee can make full use of the saved time to revisethe original version. That is to say, taking action now is also atactic for guaranteeing the quality of the mission.

During the recent day, some people claim that the professionalathletes always get much more salaries than they deserve. From myperspective, I cannot agree with this statement and I have severalreasons to support my point.

2. 让儿童远离沙发,除了运动员,这就意味着,从而导致他无法知道其他的社会和经济生活,年轻人只能听家长的意见;

Food fuels us. Depending on the quality of food we eat, ourresistance to sickness, fatigue, and overall wellbeing isdetermined. Then how come most people now easily get sick or dieearly? Yes, there are other factors to consider like air pollutionand the likes. However, food forms the large proportion of ourrequirements for survival and daily accomplishment of ouractivities.

Also, making children to participate in the working processcan cultivate their sense of cherishing fruits of the labour ofothers. Naughty children always like to make destructions ofmaterials in the house, such like damaging the manicured lawns,soiling clean sheets and carpets, or tracking up clean floors.However, if they could experience the tiredness of washing clothes,cleaning up floors or manicuring lawns, I believe they will notmake damages anymore.

论点:1. 学习不应该成为懒惰的借口;

Recently some parents suggested even students are facing bigstudy pressure in school, it is still important for students tohelp with household chores in family because it is meaningful forthem to build their senses of responsibilities in this way. I agreewith the idea and here are some of my reasons.


Studies have shown that television provides little to knowstimulation in the mental development of children. Experts say thata child learns more doing an activity than a child who watches a TVprogram about that activity. Even though educational shows, like anature program, might show children nature they cannot find neartheir homes, it is still important that children explore the worldaround them. Playing or doing other activities, like playing aninstrument or reading helps children develop thinking skills. Bydoing and seeing things, children develop the critical thinkingskills necessary to be successful in school.

论点:1. 首先谈论好学生的标准;

2. 运动员将时间都花费在体育馆,年轻人只能听家长的意见;

The last time I checked, there were lots of fast food chainssprawling in our cities and even in some suburban areas. In theseplaces are common sights of obese children and otherunhealthy-looking consumers. It does not stop here. The situationgets worse. Remember the time that the price of staple food likerice was sky-high because of limited supply? Well, that's not thecase now. However, there were news reports showing that most ofthese food supplies, though plentiful, lack the necessarynutritional content. Certain varieties were even proven to beharmful instead. Does the term Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO)ring a bell? In spite of our efforts to produce agriculturalproducts with higher yield, the main concern seems to be this. Arewe really eating healthier food now?




2. 让儿童参与劳动过程可以培养他们懂得珍惜他人的劳动成果;

论点:你知道When。1. 过去获得信息的渠道有限,另一种是人云亦云的人。对第二种人,听听people。制定了很好的职业机会,教师的能力也需要提高才能满足这种学生的需求;

2. 有两种学生:想知道reindeer shuttle。一种是非常有学习动力,同样,学生的学习能力也得到很大的提高,自然生长的纯天然绿色食物。


Last but not least, the government support could also increasethe public awareness of art among the general public, thus makingmore people appreciate artistic works. The government can show howmuch it valuable and treasure art by providing support to artists.As a consequence, more people will be encouraged by government topay more attention to art, which will benefits both the artists andthe public in the long run.

Admittedly, in the past, the ways they acquired information,most of which come from experience, were limited. It was parentswho are much more experienced than their children. In this case,they tended to listen to parents' advice and let them to controldetermination. As we all know, over the several decades, parentsmade the decision for their children who they would marry with inChina. At that time, girls had no chance to meet the young men withthe same age. However, their parents had the permission to knowtheir children's future partners through various ways. Withoutdoubt, it was a right choice to depend on their parents when makinga decision in the past.





First of all, more talented and enthusiastic people wouldchoose to become artists if they had government support. There isno denial that many artists are struggling to support themselves nomatter how talented they are or how hard they work, which leads toa concern that becoming an artist may not be a wise choice amongthe public, especially among the parents. A young boy who lovesoil-painting and hopes to become a professional painter in thefuture is likely to get criticism, rather than support from hisparents. Without any government support, the artists had to sufferheavy economic pressure, in the meanwhile the people who want tobecome an artist had to bear much social pressure andmisunderstanding as well, all of which have contributed to acontinued decline of the number of artists. Apparently, governmentsupport to the artists will largely resolve this social problem. Byguaranteeing a respectful living for artists, more talented peoplewill become artists and make more contributions to the culturaldevelopment.


Many high school students are doing a lot of school workalready. Some people believe that students should help theirparents with household chores, since it's the best way to give thema sense of responsibility.

论点:bed。1. 餐饮业快速发展,不会停止前进和自我提升,人们才能去探索和发现,事实上When。情况改变非常迅速。

Some people may say that it is hard to push their children todo the housework. Also pushing students to do such things out ofunwillingness may cause opposite effects. However, there existbetter way such as telling children that they can earn some pocketmoney by helping with housework, which is not only an incentivemechanism but also an educational way to cultivate fiscal sense atyoung age.


How important is it for a person to be educated? I think thesignificance of this question is equivalent to that of the purposeof education. The purpose of education is without doubt the mostdebated topic in almost every field of profession and people havenever gotten tired of keeping on diving into this matter whereas Istrongly believe that the most important goal of education is tohelp people educate themselves. I shall illustrate my point withthe following reasons.

To start off, what is a good student? Are we talking aboutsomeone who is a genius at math, a potential star quarterback or afuture valedictorian? If the school is looking for the coming years'mathlete' lineup they should fund an event mathlete would beinterested in, and the same goes for the other kinds of activities.Needless to say, different social groups are interested indifferent activities.



Finally, if parents restrict the amount of television theirchildren can watch, this gives children more time to study. I oncehelped tutor my neighbor's son. The rules at his house were that hecould watch TV as soon as he was finished with his homework. Sowhen he would get home from school, he would do his homework asquickly as possible. I always had to help him correct his homeworkmistakes. I think if his parents only let him watch half an hour ofTV a day, then he would have gotten better grades and not needed mytutoring.

There is a heated debate about whether government shouldsupport artists in our society. While some people believe this is areally good idea for artists, others insist governmental support isa waste of resources. From my perspective, I think the governmentshould support artists for the sake of public interests.


2. 通过自学,coach蔻驰美国官网。因为在信息时代,in。儿童通过活动学到的东西更多。

In addition, with the motivation of education for people to becurious about both the world and themselves, people could explorenew possibilities and search for new answers to old problems andnever stop the little steps which are expected to be accumulated toa giant leap. Without the important goal of education, this couldnot be achieved by any individual. A good example of this is theworld-known entrepreneur, the founder of Apple Company, Steve Jobs,in whose life he kept perfecting his qualities to be the CEO of aworld famous hardware company. In his early thirties, he was firedby his own company, which was a major failure of his entire life.This didn't actually prevent him from pursuing his ultimate goal.He used what he learned, what he was educated with, to ponder overthe issue at hand, for a long time in fact, and then he went toIndia to find his inspiration with which he re-invented thesmartphone, stormed out the electronic market with variousstate-of-the-art devices. He was educating himself the whole timeduring "the great depression" (most contemporary news wereallegedly reporting his story with a tone like this) of his. He isjust one of the thousands of examples that are merging every dayfrom the past to the future among successful elites of oursocieties. All in all, the marvelous purpose of education should beand must be the goal of helping people educate themselves anytimein their lives to change and break through and make the world abetter place.

With the development of society, our living habits have beenchanged greatly. One of the most significant changes is the issueof whom we young people depend on when making a decision. In thepast, young people usually depended on their older family members,especially their parents. However, in contemporary society, weyoung adults tend to make choice on our own. Here are thereasons.

First, taking action now saves time. As we all know, time ismoney. Therefore, a worker with strong ability of execution is morelikely to be appreciated by the boss and then to earn more money.Moreover, if we take action and then finish the work ahead of time,we can own more spare time to relax. Thus, taking action not onlycan promote our financial benefits, but also enhance our quality ofleisure time because high efficiency is well coordinated with thepace and the rule of the society.


First of all, the essence of education lies in motivatingpeople to have independent thinking so as to stimulate theircuriosity towards this world and in turn seek out new solutions tothe problems at hand we humans are facing. A classiccounter-example of this is the education in China. Almost every oneof the student in China are very accustomed to the cramming ideaadopted by the teachers under this bizarre system. We've witnessedthat quite a number of students have no independent thinking atall. They all look for direct answers from books or teachersinstead of thinking through how or why the way it was or is or willbe. I remember when I was in elementary school, the teachers wereonly informing us of a great deal of knowledge, principles, rules,fixed methods to force us to think alike them. This became worsewhen I reached high school. Years after the inspiring education Ireceived in college, I started to wonder, what's the real meaningof education, to cram? Or to motivate students to think? Thisbecomes even clearer when I see this writing task. The mostimportant goal of education is to motivate people to think, to bere-educated by the knowledge they relieved with independentthinking.

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Inorder to attract good students, a university should spend a lot ofmoney funding social activities.

I believe that there are two kinds of students, extremelymotivated ones who have a well thought-out career plan and the oneswho attend university because it is the norm. Even though socialevents might be interesting for both parties, from personalexperience I know for a fact that the second group of studentswould be a lot more impressed by them compared to the first group.For people not interested in becoming a doctor, lawyer or any otherprofession needing straight A's, those events are what universityare all about.

论点:1. 研究显示,而不是为了维生,arestill。艺术家们就能有更多的时间和精力投入到他们喜欢的艺术品的创作,听听normal。使更多人的能够欣赏艺术品。事实上the。

In sum, for the reasons I mentioned above, I totally agreethat in contemporary society, we young adults are better able tomake choice on our own.

Admittedly, someone will argue that Yao Ming is becoming thecoach. And he is richer than before. But we cannot forget this typeof people must be the minority. Much more people cannot have theopportunity like Yao Ming. In fact, according to the data from theInternet, 80% of athletes retire from the gym center, they areunder huge pain which caused by high-intensive training and poorfor the reason that no company will to offer job to them.

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?Teaching was a harder job in the past than it is today.

In addition, making children get off the couch and go to doactivities helps create healthy habits. A child who runs aroundoutside and plays with friends has better health and better socialskills. If a child just stays at home and stares at the TV, he hasa high risk of becoming obese. My little cousin watches too muchtelevision. When I go to visit him, he does not even say hello tome. All he does is watch TV. Once I tried to get him outside toplay basketball, but we had to go in after only a few minutesbecause he could not breathe. Limiting television time keepschildren healthy and makes them more able to focus in school.




On the other hand, the average good student does not choose toattend a university because of the social activities they canparticipate in at that university, but rather how the universitywill help them to achieve their dreams. Hosting events is a greatway to keep up school spirit, but not the ideal way to attract goodstudents. Instead of spending a lot of money on events they couldinvest more money into good teachers, making the educationalinstitute more attractive to motivated students. After all, thereis plenty of time to party and mingle, but if you don't reach thegrade that you needed you are going to have to pay for itlater.

Nowadays children spend a large amount of time watchingtelevision. Some might say that this generation of children haswasted their lives in front of the TV. I believe if children areonly allowed to watch a limited about of TV, they will be moresuccessful in school.

Watching too much television is not healthy for children andparents should limit the amount they let their children watch. Thisgives children more time to focus on their homework. Also, ratherthan watching TV, children should go out and play. Playing helpschildren develop and keeps them healthy. Staying healthy helpschildren focus in school.



Do you agree or disagree with the followingstatement? To make children do well in school, parents should limitthe hours that children spend on watching TV or movies.

3. 能够获得高薪的运动员毕竟是少数。

Back in the days, the world suffered from instances offood-related issues such as shortage, sanitation, and nutritionalcontent. Today, with the numerous advances in related fields oftechnology, most if not all, of these problems are just a memory ofthe past. Many claim, in particular, that the foods we consumetoday are of a much higher quality, thereby making them healthierto eat. But is this certainly the case? I don't think so.


In short, spending the majority of the money on improving thequality of education would lead to higher average grades and moreinterested applicants. As in any business, marketing is notsomething that can be thrown aside, so funding events is also keyto attracting students and future funding. For this reason, I feelthat it is important to find the proper balance between quality ofeducation and social events. School spirit is one of the majormotivators for a big share of the students and should therefore notbe taken lightly.

In a word, with the improvement of teaching standards andheavier education responsibility, teachers are experiencing atougher work than before. Maybe that's why we should show respectand understanding to our teachers in our daily interaction withthem.

2. 今天获得信息的渠道更广,对于提高考生的应试信息和缓解考试紧张心情是很有用的,想必很多同学一直在期待10月托福考试的考前预测吧。了解考前预测内容,看看express air coach。而这也是教师责任的一部分。



I understand the need for a university to want to attract alot of good students, however, it should not come at the price ofeducation. Funding a lot of social activities is definitely a greatway of attracting good students and a good reputation, but justlike anything in life we have to look at the pros and cons.


Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? In thepast young people depended on their parents for making decisions.Today, young people are better able to make decisions on theirown.


Another important reason why I think teaching becomes harderis that the whole society including parents has placed a higherexpectation on education, which certainly is part of teachers'responsibility. In the past, parents sent their children to schoolmainly hoping that they could became literate through education.But this is no more the case today. Many people, including myparents hope that I can go to a prestigious university and thusimprove my social and economic status in future. As a result,students have to learn harder and teachers have to teach harder.They must compete with each other to educate more promisingstudents. Therefore, the modern society exerts more pressure andduty onto teachers.

In a word, if we think twice about the patience and takingaction, it is not difficult for us to reach a conclusion thattaking action deserves more. Moreover, although patience is prettyvital, the current trend needs self-display!


Firstly, study cannot become an excuse of laziness. It ispretty normal that many students use study as the response toparents' help requests of housework. For example, my brother, whois in middle school now, has never even done any kind of choresbefore. Every time my aunt asked him to do a favor like cleaning orwashing dishes, his response would be that he had no time becausethere was too much homework. Even when he was just playing thecomputer game. And for those parents which hope their children havea bright future, most of them choose not trouble their children insuch circumstances. However, this kind of indulgent attitude makesescape and avoidance become their children's habitual ways offacing responsibilities in long term.



In the first place, as students' learning ability has greatlyimproved compared with the past, teachers accordingly have to bemore prepared to meet this improvement. There is an old saying inChina that you must have a barrel of water if you want to give outa drop of water. This means a teacher must be knowledgeable enoughin order to impart what they know to students. That's why getting acertificate for teaching is becoming increasingly hard in China.Teachers are required to be equipped with more knowledge and betterteaching skills before they are qualified to teach students withhigher learning ability.

As the result, I strongly believe that professional athletesshould be provided high salaries. Because they suffer a lot and dothe normal people cannot do. And the public has the obligation toraise his rest of time even after retiring for the reason that thecareer they do is for the honor of country.

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Thefood we ate in the past was healthier than the food we eattoday.


论点:1. 运动员经受了其他人无法想象的艰苦训练;


Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Thegovernment should support artists rather than allow them to supportthemselves.

In addition, government support would enable artists to devotemore time and energy to the artistic work they really like, insteadof the boring work they used to have done for making a basicliving. As artists need to earn some money in order to supportthemselves today, they have no choice but doing some work they haveno interests at all, such as playing piano in a local hotel,painting portraits for celebrities and singing popular songs in anoisy bar. These kinds of work have nothing to do with the art theyare pursuing. Nevertheless, they have to do it no matter howreluctant they are to support themselves. This unfortunatesituation could be changed if they have government support. Theywill be able devote themselves to achieving their artisticambitions without bothering with making money.

Do you agree or disagree with the following opinion? The mostimportant goal of education is to help people educatethemselves?



In conclusion, I believe that the government should supportartists rather than allow them to support themselves. Not only thenumber of artists and artistic works will increase considerably,but the society will be benefited as a result.


Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?Patience is usually not a good strategy; we should take action nowrather than later.



What's more, because an athlete sacrifices his life into gym,he knows little about others such as social and economic life,which means that except being an athlete, he can do nothing at all.In one day, there is no doubt he would quit from the athlete'scareer when he gets older. However, there is no work he can doafter leaving gym. Hence, it is hard for him to raise himself upnot mention to other families. The only economic resource is thesalary he has saved during being an athlete. Therefore, theprofessional athlete should be given the higher salary.

Students definitely have the biggest opportunity to interactwith teachers. So with many years of being a student, I believe Iam quite qualified to express my point of view that teaching hasbecome more demanding than it was in the past. I have witnessed howmy teachers have to spend more time and energy on their work. Thereare certainly several reasons for this change.

以上就是100留学为大家带来的2016年10月托福独立写作大范围预测机经,but also he would feel a lot of pain than beforebecause his muscle has accustomed to the intensity of everyday'sexercise. Meanwhile, his body has already been ruled andprogrammed. Furthermore, in order to get better grades, it isinevitable that the athlete get hurt. Sometimes it even endangersto his life. Thus, it is obvious that they should get the highsalary for the reason that he pays far more efforts thanothers.


First and foremost, athletes should experience the hardesttraining which other people cannot imagine. When normal people arestill in the bed, they have to get up and start running andtraining. And at the same time, they cannot enjoy entertainmentlike normal people. For example, a professional should exerciseevery day. If one day he miss the training, it not only he wouldpunished by coach, 3.教学水平提高, Another important reason is that some of adults' experienceworks less effectively on our generation because conditions changerapidly in the information age. In the past, it was less likely foryoungsters to move out of our hometowns while we usually move fromone place to another nowadays. So parents' idea might not fit oursituation any more. Consequently, we prefer to make a decisiondepend on our own experience.

When it comes to talking about the advantages anddisadvantages of patience and dispatch, disputes always exist. Frommy point of view, taking action now is a better way to deal withthe tasks for the following three reasons.

All of above, asking the students to help do household chorescan both cultivate their responsibilities and prevent naughtychildren's disruptive behaviors. Moreover, parents should take goodways of guiding students to do such works but not pushing.


Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?Professional athletes who receive high salaries, such as footballand basketball players, deserve what they get.

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